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EP 19 | New Year, New Queer - Pt. 2 Homonationalism

Join us on FABUTUDE for the 'New Year, New Queer' mini-series with hosts Wynn and Stephan, your 'Fabbies.' Dive into an episode packed with entertainment, discussion, and ideas to make 2024 vibrant.

We begin with the 'Word of the Week,' 'homonationalism,' exploring its complex ties with LGBT rights. In the 'Advanced Talk - Fabulous Queer Honors' segment, Wynn and Stephan spotlight global LGBTQIA+ achievements in a game-show-style format.

Don't miss the 'Queer Futures Market,' forecasting the latest queer community trends, from fashion to tech.

Engage with us using #NewYearNewQueer and stay tuned for "Dear Fabby," offering insights and advice. Follow, subscribe, and join us on social media as we continue this fabulous journey. Stay sparkling, Fabbies!

Connect with us:

The image is a vibrant and celebratory graphic with a dark blue background. It features the phrase "NEW YEAR 2024" in bold, white, uppercase letters arched across the top, with multicolored fireworks bursting around it. Below, there's a rainbow that transitions through the full color spectrum, forming a semi-circular backdrop. Silhouetted figures are dancing and waving LGBTQ+ pride flags beneath the rainbow. The phrase "NEW QUEER" is prominently displayed at the bottom in bold, pink and white gradient letters, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere. The overall impression is one of joyous celebration of the LGBTQ+ community for the new year.


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