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20 | New Year, New Queer - Pt. 3 Over the Top Living Feat. Norman J. Liverpool IV

Join Wynn and Stephan on FABUTUDE for Episode 3 of the 'New Year, New Queer' mini-series, where the journey of empowerment, identity, and vibrant living reaches its crescendo. This episode is more than a conclusion; it's a celebration of living a life that's larger than labels and expectations.

In our 'Word of the Week' segment, we dive into a lively discussion on 'Over The Top,' exploring what it truly means to live a life unbound by societal norms. This sets the stage for an inspiring conversation with our special guest, Norman J. Liverpool IV, an entrepreneur, speaker, and LGBTQ+ advocate. He shares his journey of living unashamedly and unapologetically, empowering others through his program 'Over the Top Living.'

Don't miss our 'Dear Fabby' segment, where Wynn and Stephan respond to listener questions with empathy and flair. Hear their advice to 'Curious Casey' on embracing queer identity and to 'Bashful Bailey' on navigating life as a non-binary individual.

Step into the fabulous world of empowerment and self-expression with this transformative episode. Discover how to find your voice, choose your impact, and own your story. And remember, your queries get a sprinkle of Fabutude wisdom.

We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts, stories, and questions using #NewYearNewQueer and connect with us on social media @Fabutude. Tag us in your 'Over The Top' moments.

Stay connected and engaged with the Fabutude community. Don't forget to follow, subscribe, and explore more resources for celebrating and supporting the fabulous diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Tune in next week for another episode full of inspiration, laughter, and all things fabulously queer. Until then, keep embracing your fabulous self!

The image is a vibrant and celebratory graphic with a dark blue background. It features the phrase "NEW YEAR 2024" in bold, white, uppercase letters arched across the top, with multicolored fireworks bursting around it. Below, there's a rainbow that transitions through the full color spectrum, forming a semi-circular backdrop. Silhouetted figures are dancing and waving LGBTQ+ pride flags beneath the rainbow. The phrase "NEW QUEER" is prominently displayed at the bottom in bold, pink and white gradient letters, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere. The overall impression is one of joyous celebration of the LGBTQ+ community for the new year.


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