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EP 21 | Out in Vegas February 2024 - Red Dress Gala, NEW Fuse Fridays, LV PRIDE Party, & More!

Dive into the heart of Las Vegas's LGBTQ+ scene with "Out In Vegas," hosted by Wynn and Stephan. This February 2024, we're showcasing the city's most thrilling queer events, from dazzling nights out to romantic escapades. Tune in for an insider's guide to the vibrant happenings that make Vegas the ultimate destination for love and adventure. Join us on "Out In Vegas" for a journey through the colorful, diverse celebrations that define the month. Don't miss out—let Wynn and Stephan lead the way to the must-attend events of February in Vegas!

Las Vegas PRIDE Party!

C&B's Lovers Masquerade Ball

Las Vegas In-Person Lesbian/Bi/Trans/Queer Speed Dating: Valentine's Edition

Super Duper Big Gay Bowl Party

The Nerd's F Luv Anti-Valentines Day Party

Oink Night at Fun Hog Ranch

  • Date: February 17, 2024

  • Time: 10 PM to 1 AM

  • Event: Beer Bust, Contest is Best Chest

  • Location: Fun Hog Ranch

  • Description: January Oink Night...always a sin-fully good time with the Sin Sity Sisters...and of course...heavenly Beer Bust, Cherry Poppers, Contests, and Raffle Prizes. January Contest: Best Keg or 6-Pack.

  • Link:

Red Dress 2024 - Gala of GOREgeous

The image is a vibrant and celebratory graphic with a dark blue background. It features the phrase "NEW YEAR 2024" in bold, white, uppercase letters arched across the top, with multicolored fireworks bursting around it. Below, there's a rainbow that transitions through the full color spectrum, forming a semi-circular backdrop. Silhouetted figures are dancing and waving LGBTQ+ pride flags beneath the rainbow. The phrase "NEW QUEER" is prominently displayed at the bottom in bold, pink and white gradient letters, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere. The overall impression is one of joyous celebration of the LGBTQ+ community for the new year.


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