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EP 18 | New Year, New Queer Pt. 1 Glitterbomb

Join us on FABUTUDE, where hosts Wynn and Stephan, your 'Fabbies,' launch the exciting 'New Year, New Queer' mini-series. This episode is a vibrant mix of fun, reflection, and fabulous ideas to make 2024 your most sparkling year yet.

We start with our 'Word of the Week,' 'Glitterbomb,' setting the tone for a year of brightness and joy. Our discussions range from queer-themed dinner parties to the creation of a 'Queer Time Capsule,' inspiring you to embrace and celebrate your queer identity in creative ways.

Look forward to tips on making your year fabulous, including ideas for community involvement, unique queer events, and fostering engaging conversations.

Join the FABUTUDE journey by sharing your experiences and goals using #NewYearNewQueer. Stay connected for more insights, laughter, and fabulous advice in our upcoming "Dear Fabby" segment.

Remember to follow, subscribe, and engage with us on social media. The journey continues with part 2 of our mini-series, so stay fabulous, Fabbies!

Word of the Week:

Connect with us:

The image is a vibrant and celebratory graphic with a dark blue background. It features the phrase "NEW YEAR 2024" in bold, white, uppercase letters arched across the top, with multicolored fireworks bursting around it. Below, there's a rainbow that transitions through the full color spectrum, forming a semi-circular backdrop. Silhouetted figures are dancing and waving LGBTQ+ pride flags beneath the rainbow. The phrase "NEW QUEER" is prominently displayed at the bottom in bold, pink and white gradient letters, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere. The overall impression is one of joyous celebration of the LGBTQ+ community for the new year.


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