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EP 16 | Homo for the Holidays Pt. 3 Fabbies & Friends

Welcome back to the grand finale of FABUTUDE's 'Homo for the Holidays'! Wynn and Stephan wrap up this festive series with a special episode filled with reflection, joy, and community spirit. We revisit the heartfelt themes of chosen family, LGBTQIA+ holiday experiences, and the vibrant discussions from 'Rainbow Reels'. Our 'Dear Fabby' segment is brimming with stories and advice from our fabulous listeners. Special guests Chris from C & B, Cody, and Eduardo share their unique holiday narratives and traditions, enriching our understanding of the season's diversity. Engage with us using #HomoHolidays and immerse yourself in this celebratory episode. Remember to follow, subscribe, and stay tuned for more fabulous content. And most importantly, stay fabulous, Fabbies!

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