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EP 14 | Homo for the Holidays Pt. 1 Chosen Family

Welcome to FABUTUDE, your fabulous monthly podcast! In this episode, your hosts Wynn and Stephan dive into the 'Homo for the Holidays' mini-series. But before that, they catch up and introduce themselves, with Wynn as a gender nonconforming diversity consultant and Stephan as an entrepreneur and radio show host.

The main discussion revolves around the theme of 'Homo for the Holidays,' where Wynn and Stephan share personal holiday stories, emphasizing the importance of chosen family, setting boundaries, and LGBTQIA+ friendly holiday destinations.

In a lighter tone, they transition to the 'Queerly Beloved' segment, presenting a fun and quirky LGBTQIA+ holiday shopping guide, featuring unique gift ideas that add a touch of rainbow sparkle to your season.

The episode concludes with a call to action, inviting listeners to share their own holiday stories using #HomoHolidays on social media.

Join Wynn and Stephan as they navigate 'Homo for the Holidays' with humor and empathy, and stay tuned for part 2 of the mini-series next week. Stay fabulous, Fabbies!

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