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EP 13 | Drag-o-Rama Pt. 3 - Drag Chronicles with Elliott with 2 Ts Unveiling His Journey

Welcome to FABUTUDE's "Drag-o-Rama" Series - Episode 13: Drag Chronicles with Elliott with 2 Ts Unveiling His Journey

Join your fabulous hosts, Wynn and Stephan, as they unpack another glittering episode in our "Drag-o-Rama" series. We kick off with the intriguing 'Word of the Week' – "Family/House," diving deep into its roots from drag culture and how drag queens find a sense of belonging and mentorship within these families.

As we glide into the main segment, brace yourself for a candid conversation with the sensational ⁠Elliott with 2 Ts⁠. From the artistry behind drag performances to the highs and lows of his journey on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13, Elliott serves us all the tea. The discussion gets richer as we explore the economic and cultural implications of drag in today's society. Is the commercialization of drag diluting its essence? What's the stand on Pinkwashing? And is there room for a specialized labor union for drag artists?

But that's not all! We're taking you on a global drag tour, understanding cultural nuances, and the future vision of drag across horizons. What does the future hold for drag culture, especially with inclusive competitions like Dragula on the horizon?

In our much-awaited 'Dear Fabby' segment, we address your burning questions, from being a respectful ally to advocating for fair pay in the drag community.

We wrap up with reflections, announcements, and of course, a sprinkle of FABUTUDE. So, strap on your heels, Fabbies, and let's sashay through another dazzling episode!

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  • Word of the Week: ⁠Marie Claire Article on RuPaul Drag Race Terms


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