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EP 12 | Drag-o-Rama Pt. 2 - Drag-o-Nomics

Welcome to FABUTUDE, the podcast where we help you uncover your fabulous attitude, your 'Fabutude'! Join us in the enchanting journey of our new mini-series theme - 'Drag-o-Rama,' as we unravel the colorful threads of drag culture in its second episode.

Your dynamic hosts, Wynn and Stephan, are back with more glitter and gusto! They kickstart the episode with the 'Word of the Week' - 'Anti Drag,' shedding light on recent legislative challenges faced by the drag community. The discussion heats up as our hosts sashay into the ‘advanced talk’ segment, dissecting the economic, political, and historical facets of drag culture.

Explore the commercialization of drag and its double-edged effects, delve into the pink washing dilemma, and strut along the global runway to understand the Americanization of international drag scenes. Transitioning to the political runway, we discuss societal fears, legislation against drag, drag as a labor movement, and engaging with political resistance.

A whimsical journey into the history of drag awaits as Wynn and Stephan honor some iconic firsts in drag history. From William Dorsey Swann, the first known drag queen, to Shi-Queeta Lee's historic performance at the White House, and the daring drag kings like Vesta Tilley, the legacy is as rich as it is dazzling. And let’s not forget the inclusive realms created by shows like Dragula, welcoming all genders into the drag spectacle.

As we wrap up this glittery ride, we leave trails of sequins and societal dialogues, urging you to keep your heels high and your hopes higher. Your hosts also tease the next episode featuring an expert interview and our 'Dear Fabbie' segment for all your fabulous queries.

Eager to continue the 'Drag-o-Rama'? Make sure you follow, subscribe, and join us next week. Share your thoughts and insights on social media @fabutude, using the hashtag #dragorama. And as always, remember our golden mantra - stay fabulous, Fabbies!

Firsts in Drag Culture:

  • William Dorsey Swann:

  • Shi-Queeta Lee:

  • Vesta Tilley: What Is A Drag King? Definition + History | Queerable

  • Dragula:

Additional Resources:

  • Labor Rights in Drag:

  • Political Discourse Surrounding Drag:

  • Understanding Threats and Harassment Targeting Drag Shows:

  • Drag Queen Culture Impact:

  • Fighting Back Against Anti-Drag Bills:

  • RuPaul’s Drag Race International Drag Day:

  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Running on Fumes:

  • Drag Race Brasil:

  • RuPaul's Drag Race Legacy:

  • Drag Race in Uganda, Russia, Iran:

  • Social Media Capitalism:


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