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EP 10 | Viva LOVE Vegas - Saturday Special

FABUTUDE - Special Saturday Segment: Viva LOVE VEGAS

Welcome back, Fabbies! In this special Saturday segment, we're gearing up for the Las Vegas PRIDE weekend by spotlighting the spectacular Viva LOVE VEGAS event.

In This Episode:

  • We chat with Edith from The Garden and Chris from C & B Productions, unveiling the magic behind Viva LOVE VEGAS.

  • Discover the must-attend moments at The Garden Las Vegas and dive into the unique experiences awaiting attendees at the Elevate Pool Party at Sahara.

  • Learn about the various ticket options available and how Viva LOVE VEGAS champions the values of inclusivity and diversity.

Plus, mark your calendars for the vibrant Las Vegas PRIDE parade and festival, and immerse yourself in a celebration of love, diversity, and unity.

Tune in now and let's get ready to celebrate PRIDE in style!

For More Information: 

  • Tickets for Viva Love Vegas - Friday, October 6th through Sunday, October 8th, 2023


  • This year, The Garden presents an exciting PRIDE weekend lineup for you. In collaboration with C & B Productions, we're thrilled to introduce a roster of talented DJs, including Sam Gee, GSP, Arno Diem, Vicky Kuba, Marcos Leon, Eduardo OMG, and a host of other special guests.


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