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EP 9 | Masc vs. Fem Pt. 3 - Professional Perspective

Welcome to FABUTUDE, your monthly dose of fabulous attitude! Dive deep into episode three of our 'Masculine vs. Feminine' mini-series, hosted by the dynamic duo, Wynn and Stephan. This time, they're exploring the intricate world of gender identity, guided by the expertise of Emily, a renowned gender identity specialist.

Our 'Word of the Week'? 'Minsexual.' Discover its meaning, get inspired by our hosts' creative sentence crafting, and then take the challenge to come up with your own! Share your fab thoughts @Fabutude with the hashtag #mascvsfem, and you might just get a shout-out!

From the nuances of gender identity on dating apps to the complexities of personal and professional experiences, this episode promises a comprehensive look into the fluidity of gender. Get ready to dissect Grindr profiles, unveil society's misconceptions, and dive deep into the intersectionality of gender with race, socio-economic status, and cultural background.

Our beloved 'Dear Fabby' segment returns, addressing the pressing questions of our Fabbies. From navigating professional teasing to supporting a non-binary loved one, Wynn, Stephan, and Emily offer their insights and advice.

As the episode draws to a close, our hosts challenge you to embrace understanding, empathy, and inclusivity. Engage with them on @Fabutude and share your journey of understanding gender. And remember, Fabbies, as we await the next episode in our 'Masc. vs. Fem.' series, always let your fabulous flag fly high!

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