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EP 8 | Masc vs. Fem Pt. 2 - Gender Bender

Welcome to FABUTUDE, where every episode is a fabulous attitude boost! In this episode of our 'Then to Now' segment, strap in with hosts Wynn and Stephan as they rev up the Delorean, taking us on a cinematic journey through the evolving portrayal of gender norms in media. From the cookie-cutter roles of the '50s and '60s to the groundbreaking narratives of the 2000s, discover the seismic shifts that have shaped our screen stories.

The 'Word of the Week' is 'Metrosexual.' Dive into its origins and join our hosts in crafting snappy sentences, then share your own on social media for a fab shout-out! @Fabutude awaits your creativity. As Wynn and Stephan race through decades of media evolution, they spotlight iconic shows and characters that broke barriers and reshaped gender perspectives. From the empowering tales of "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Sex and the City" to the trailblazing stories in "Transparent" and "Steven Universe", get ready for a rollercoaster of revelations.

The climax? A riveting discussion on today's media's role in breaking or bolstering stereotypes, and a candid chat about their personal media inspirations. As always, the duo's playful jabs and witty banter make this deep dive as entertaining as it is enlightening. As the credits roll on this episode, Wynn and Stephan leave you with a challenge: To view media through a fresh lens, acknowledging its power in shaping society's view on gender.

Engage with us on @Fabutude using the hashtag #genderbender and share your standout media moments that challenged the norm. Tune in next week for another fab episode in our 'Masc. vs. Fem.' mini-series. And as we always say, never dull your sparkle, Fabbies!"



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