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EP 6 | Coming Out Pt. 3 - ¿Questioning?

Welcome to FABUTUDE, the lively podcast about embracing your unique fabulous attitude or your 'Fabutude.' In the latest part of our 'Coming Out' series, hosts Wynn and Stephan dive deep into self-discovery and the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

Kicking off with our 'Word of the Week' segment, we explore the term 'Questioning' and its cultural relevance in 2023. Our hosts create impactful sentences around this term, encouraging listeners to engage with them on social media using this word. The episode then progresses to 'Famous Firsts,' where we honor key figures from the LGBTQ+ community, discussing the struggles and achievements of Alan Turing and Sam Smith, along with the transformative journeys of Kim Petras and Jojo Siwa.

In our 'Dear Fabbie' advice segment, we empathetically respond to 'Questioning Quincy' and 'Gay Guru', offering advice on self-discovery and supporting a friend who's come out recently. As we conclude this enlightening episode, we extend an invitation to our listeners to tune into part four of the 'Coming Out' series, reminding you to follow, subscribe, and share our podcast. Embrace your 'Fabutude' with us!



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