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EP 4 | Coming Out Pt. 1 - Role Play

Welcome to the first part of FABUTUDE's fabulous and uplifting "Coming Out" mini-series! In this episode that is bursting with sparkle, your hosts, the fab besties Wynn and Stephan, take you on an exciting journey through the captivating world of fabulous attitudes.

In the "Weekly Catch Up" segment, they delve into the hosts' personal experiences, allowing you a glimpse into their lives. This provides a refreshing insight into how they live out their fabulous attitudes daily.

Starting the show off with the "Word of the Week," they dive into the concept of "coming out". Sharing its meaning and various interpretations, they provide examples of its usage in our everyday language. They invite you Fabbies to join the discussion by using the word in a sentence, encouraging them to tweet @Fabutude.

Transitioning to the core of the episode, Wynn and Stephan reveal and discuss the word of the week's relevance and implications in their personal lives, as well as in our broader society. They dive into its complex meaning and how its usage reflects our changing societal norms and acceptance of diversity.

In a delightful twist, they then bring the listeners into the action, encouraging everyone to use the word of the week in a sentence and share it on social media. Using the handle @fabutude and hashtag #comingout, they stimulate a vibrant conversation online.

As the episode draws to a close, Wynn and Stephan invite listeners to submit their questions for the upcoming "Dear Fabby" segment and provide their contact information for anyone wanting to engage more with the show.

Don't miss the next installment of this fabulous mini-series, and remember to follow, subscribe, and stay fabulously engaged with FABUTUDE!


Word of the Week:

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