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EP 3 | Pride Pt. 3 - Stright Pride Parade

Welcome to the third thrilling installment of Fabutude's Pride-themed mini-series! In this vibrant episode, your fab besties and hosts, Wynn and Stephan, guide you further into the rich world of Pride and LGBTQ+ culture.

Kick-starting with the "Word of the Week," our dynamic duo decodes the 'Straight Pride Parade.' Delving into its amusing roots and its transformation over time, they invite listeners to get inventive with this phrase and tweet their sentences @Fabutude.

Shifting to the episode's heart, Wynn and Stephan introduce a fascinating panel-style conversation featuring Pride organizers Freddy Perez from Las Vegas PRIDE, and Anthony Cortez from Henderson Pride. The dialogue immerses into the ups and downs of planning Pride events, personal motivators, tough board decisions, and their perspective on 'Straight Pride.' The guests offer a unique glimpse into the often underappreciated aspects of Pride organization, deepening our understanding of these jubilant events.

Following this engaging chat, Wynn and Stephan escort us to the much-anticipated 'Dear Fabby' segment. Here, they address listeners' quandaries, serving up fabulous wisdom in this twist on the conventional advice column. They tackle dilemmas from a first-time Pride-goer contemplating inviting their crush to a caring dad wanting to introduce his child to Pride and a contributor eager to find affordable ways to support the LGBTQ+ community. 'Dear Fabby' is always here to help.

As we draw the curtains on the Pride mini-series, our hosts call for action: keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming 'Coming Out' mini-series next month and interact with Fabutude on social media. Don't forget to follow, subscribe, hit the like button, share, and above all, stay fabulous!


Word of the Week:


Freddy Perez - Las Vegas PRIDE

Anthony Cortez - Henderson Pride


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