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EP 2 | Pride - FLAG Day!

Welcome back to the fabulous world of #Fabutude! Celebrate Flag Day with us as we dive deeper into our vibrant Pride mini-series. In our second episode, hosts Wynn and Stephan guide you through an enlightening exploration of flags, from their historical beginnings to their modern day controversies and symbolic importance. The Word of the Week is "Performative Outrage," a phrase we'll dissect and put to use as we navigate through today's socio-political climate. Don't miss our 'Cancel Culture Chronicles' segment, where we spotlight the highs and lows of recent actions within the LGBTQ+ community. Celebrate Flag Day in a whole new way with Fabutude! #FlagDay #PrideMonth #LGBTQIA+ #PerformativeOutrage 🌈🎧💬


Word of the Week:


Cancel Culture Chronicles:


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